Feb 10, 2016

S2 Spa Soother - Get Some Sounds

If you don't have Audacity, download it for Windows/Mac/Linux.

I like repeated environmental sounds like crickets, ocean waves, rain or streams. A quick google yields lots of sources for free-to-use, downloadable clips. Ones I used include:
Most of the time, the sound effects will be in *.mp3/*.m4a audio format. We'll use Audacity to convert this to a mono *.wav file for the Spa Soother, since it only has one (rather lo-fi) speaker.

Start with file/open for a downloaded sound effect.

Convert to Mono:

The sound effect may be too soft in volume, you may need to Amplify it (different file from previous screenshot):

Finally, if the clip is too short, use Repeat to extend the time. This works well for environmental sounds because, given a long enough starter clip like 30-60 seconds,  it's difficult to tell when the sounds are being repeated.

File/Export your sound file as WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM file format and copy it over to your /home/pi directory for testing.

We'll be copying over the music when we get to the code section. Next, Wire up the Circuit

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