Nov 23, 2016

SIM800 Bluetooth Sync iPhone Contacts

Here's how to:

  • Pair your iPhone to the Bluetooth on a SIM800 GSM phone module
  • Sync your iPhone Contacts
  • Do lookups by name or number in the SIM800 list, from an attached Arduino

If you're just starting out using the Fona, work through the tutorial at the Adafruit Learning site, up through the Hardware Test section. 

You can sync all of your Contacts from your iPhone to the SIM800. If you have a lot of Contacts, this could be a slow process. 

What I did was to make a smaller group of Contacts I wanted to sync.

  • Sign on to iCloud from a web browser using your Apple ID
  • Click the "+"  near the Settings/"gear" at the bottom of the left pane
    • Click New Group and give it a name
  • Drag and Drop Contacts to the group you just created

Next, fire up the Arduino IDE with your Fona and Arduino connected. Load the Fona Test example sketch to your Arduino.  Start the Serial Monitor.

I used the Fona Test example option "S, create serial passthru tunnel" to send raw serial commands to the Fona.

See the forum posts on this at:

Follow along with poster frooty4adafruit's process, starting with Step 1: AT+BTSCAN=1, to identify your iPhone device. My device showed as:

+BTSCAN: 0,1,"bob iPhone 6",d4:f4:6f:24:d1:cd,-73  vs.
shown in the forum. So, where 2 is used as a device identifier, substitute your device number, if different.

Step 2: The command AT+BTPAIR=0,1 cited didn't work for me on the iPhone. The iPhone issued a prompt for a Pin number to be entered on the Fona, and I didn't see a way to enter the Pin number on that device.  

So, instead I used the command: AT+BTPAIR=0,0. The Pairing Request will still show up, you click on Pair and your iPhone should  connect.

If you have created a group, from the Bluetooth Settings on your iPhone, click on the the SIM800 connections small "i" (info) icon.
On the next screen, make sure only the group(s) you want synced are checked.

Follow the rest of the forum post through Step 9, to make sure you have the Contacts synced. 

When I tried this, I lost connection a couple of times and had to reconnect, but eventually everything worked. 

I have created an Arduino/Feather Fona sketch to return phone number and name by number of records. Download this git