Jan 10, 2012

Laser Cut Lumineria Panel

Below is another Laser Cut project I did recently at TechShop SF. As an experiment, this is one panel of a kind of lantern common in Santa Fe, New Mexico, known commonly as a lumineria but more accurately referred to as farolitos. These traditionally were small bags containing candles set in sand.
These are seen at the Christmas Holidays.
The finished lumineria would consist of two of these panels on opposing sides, and a different design panel on the other two sides, glued/attached to form a box lantern.
Material for the experiment is just reclaimed sandwich cardboard.
The cardboard retains a smokey odor and some of the edges are just slightly blackened.


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Jan 9, 2012

First TechShop Laser Cut Project

Visited TechShop yesterday to cut some faceplates/stands for two different VFD displays using the Epilog laser. Cuts were straightforward, had to adjust the settings (power, speed and frequency) slightly to get the lower left screw hole cut properly. Other than that, it took about five minutes or so to cut the 1/8" acrylic sheet.

The pictures show a hacked router displaying local weather from wunderground on an Epson VFD.


Front of stand showing "reclaimed" Epson POS VFD. A hacked Asus router is attached to the stand behind the VFD.
I know, the white screws on black are a fashion faux pas - I didn't have any black screws in 4/40.


Pointing out one 4/40 screw hole for the router.


A matte version of the laser cut acrylic sheet for seeing cut detail. I used a glossy version for the final display.


Back of weather display showing Asus WL-520GU hacked router and controlling Arduino on protoboard .
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