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Getting OctoPi 0.16 TouchUI to run on Adafruit PiTFT

If you have a 3D printer, you probably have discovered how useful the Octoprint software is. You can view, monitor and control your print jobs remotely from your home, office or around the world via a web browser. I use my garage as my workshop, and I keep my MonoPrice Mini Select 3D printer there, checking on print jobs from the office in my house. Using Octoprint saves a lot of steps.

Besides controlling the printer remotely, you can also install a display on the host raspberry pi. If you install the Octoprint plugin TouchUI, you can set up a touch-screen display to monitor and control your printer while standing next to it. Very convenient!

I had an OctoPi/Octoprint server that I installed on my 3D printer circa 2017. Since that version was based on Raspbian Jessie, and the latest Raspbian is now Buster, it cried out for an update to the latest OctoPi. Currently, that's version 0.16 based on Raspbian Stretch Lite.

Note: The information in this article is current as of September…

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