Feb 27, 2015

How to setup Bittorrent Sync for IOS 8 and raspberry pi

Adopted from melgrubb.wordpress.com; annotations for IOS devices mine.

UPDATE: SYNC 2.0, see below

On your target computer (where the sync'ed folders will live):
sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/btsync.list

Add the following to btsync.list
deb http://debian.yeasoft.net/btsync wheezy main contrib non-free
deb-src http://debian.yeasoft.net/btsync wheezy main contrib non-free

Import the repository’s signing key with the following commands:
sudo gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys 6BF18B15
sudo gpg --armor --export 6BF18B15 | sudo apt-key add -

You can then install btsync:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install btsync

When btsync starts, take all the defaults (unless you are special!)
One of the defaults can be for a web server port 8888 (or whatever number above that of your choice). Remember that number and the IP address of your raspberry pi. We will be connecting to it later...

On your IOS device:
  • Go to the App Store and download/install/open btsync
  • Enable Camera backup (green on switch)
  • Click on email
    • Will generate a security certificate first time only
    • Warning - you might make your life hard  if you have special characters in the name of your device, like "Joe's iPhone", especially if you will be rsyncing this folder
    • Two ways to fix this:
      • Don't take the default folder name, rename it when you create it - see below
      • If you run into problems after you have already created the folder, start over:
        • rename your device in Settings\General\About
        • Delete the Sync app and re-download it to capture the new name
    • Accept the identity credentials
  • Click on "email" and mail the identity keys to yourself
On a desktop computer (can be the target raspberry pi):
  • You'll need access to your email on the same computer so you can cut and paste a link
    • Open the email from the btsync app, and in the body of the message click on "Camera Roll" link
    • This will open a web page - highlight and copy the URL in the address bar
  • On a web browser go to the IP for the target raspberry pi, something like:

  • In the upper right corner of this Bittorrent Sync web page, click on the link symbol (will say "Enter a key or link" if you hover your cursor over it)
  • Paste the URL link you copied from the email into the text field and click Next
  • Add to a folder structure of your choice
    • default is /var/lib/btsync, which may not work for you
    • I used /mnt/data/sync, from /mnt:
      • sudo mkdir data
      • cd data
      • sudo mkdir sync
    • Change the folder name from the default here
    • Click Add (the folder) when done
  • Click Connect
Folder you just created will appear and say "Pending Approval"

On your IOS device:

  • In the Sync app, you should see a "bell" symbol with a red number. 
    • This is notification of the Pending Approval you must agree to. 
  • Click on the notification symbol
  • On the next screen, click the green check mark to approve the new sync
  • Click the Left < symbol at the top of the screen to go back to your Camera Backup sync
  • What a few minutes and click on the Camera Backup to start the sync
    • You will see the progress of the sync reported in the app

You will always have to leave the sync window open to complete the backup

UPDATE: SYNC 2.0, March 21, 2015

If you are doing a clean installation (no previous installation), following the instructions should still work. Posters are claiming that your camera backups are forced to appear as 1.4/"Classic". 
When I first saw the folders in 2.0, I thought the pencil with a red line through it and the 1.4 notation meant something was wrong. I deleted everything and started over. After a complete re-install, the 1.4 folder is still there and syncs properly.