Nov 20, 2012

Direct rsync from DeltaCopy on Windows 7 to Ubuntu

I'd been meaning to set up rsync from my music server, a Windows 7 computer, to my ubuntu backup server for quite some time. I'm more familiar (though not very) with rsync in ubuntu than the DeltaCopy Server for Windows.
So, today I finally got rsync.exe going under DeltaCopy.
Here's the process in a nutshell.
First Install DeltaCopy
        * Set up the service
        * Set up the client with no authentication

Go to a terminal/Command Line in Windows
Run rsync.exe directly from DeltaCopy installation
        cd d:\DeltaCopy   (where rsync.exe is installed)
        use the following form of the command
        rsync.exe -n -arvz /cygdrive/d/music/iTunes/Purchased/ username@192.168.0.nnn:/music/iTunes/Purchased     [Note: -n = dry run, remove to run it for real!]
where /cygdrive/d/music/iTunes/Purchased/                       =====>  source
      username@192.168.0.nnn:/music/iTunes/Purchased     =====>  target
The trailing slash after /cygdrive/d/music/iTunes/Purchased/ <==  is VERY important when you already have a directory structure set up on the target. It means DON'T create a new folder/directory.
Conversely, it you leave the trailing slash OFF, a new folder/directory WILL be created.

Nov 8, 2012

PiTX Raspberry Pi Power Controller

Jason on his blog ( described an innovative approach to controlling the power on a raspberry Pi.
I've already corrupted the file system on my Pi by just pulling power, so this was a great idea!
Here's my first prototype based on Jason's work. This version uses a DC 2.1 barrel connector to a 5V 1A wall wart, a DPDT 5V NTE R40 relay, some tactile buttons from all soldered together on an adafruit perma-proto board.
The large tactile buttons are color-coded green for go/start, red for shutdown/stop. The shutdown button is hooked into GPIO 18 on the Pi, where a running python script checks for signal. On high, the script executes a shutdown.