Feb 10, 2016

S2 Spa Soother - Final Assembly: Build the Box, Part 2

We're now ready to finish the box assembly that started in Build the Box Part 1. We need to build from the back (speaker) panel up:

Option: I glued the Top of the box to the Back/Speaker Plate, don't know if that was a good idea or not. It makes assembly easy but taking the box apart, not so much. You may find that the Top and Back fit tightly enough to the Front of the Box that you don't need to glue them together. I leave it to the individual maker to decide that.
  • Screw in 0.25in 4/40 standoffs to the Pi Zero and then screw into the back panel. 
  • Connect the Button Board to the pin locations on the Pi Zero. 
  • Connect Sound Output, Gnd and 5V from the Button Board to the LM386:

  • Glue in the Speaker and Connect to LM386
  • Solder the Power Plug
  • Glue Pololu Switch down and Connect to Power Plug
    • +V INPUT is at the TOP of the Pololu in this photo
    • I used Female headers on Pololu Switch for easy connection

Pololu Switch Layout - Reverse/Back Shown Here

  • Add 0.25in 4/40 Standoffs to the RainbowDuino
  • Cut 22AWG to length for RX/5V/GND Connections OUT from 5V Area
  • Connect 9V/GND VOUT from Pololu Switch to 6.5-9V Area on RainbowDuino
RainbowDuino Connections to Pi Zero Pins
  • Screw Down RainbowDuino to Back thru Standoffs
  • Pi Zero Wires Connected
  • RainbowDuino pin A2 to Front momentary LED: 
    • Solder on 100 Ohm Resistor
  • RainbowDuino pin D3 to Pololu switch OFF
  • Power IN from Pololu to 6.5-9V Area

Installing the Geeetech LED Matrix

  • Glue Front momentary switch into its hole: CA
  • Connect Jumpers as shown
Jumper Connections for Front Combo LED/On-Switch

After you have all the jumpers connected, it's a good idea to do a final test to see that everything is working, all jumpers are solidly connected and that there aren't any space conflicts. 

When you've got it all put together in the box, relax and enjoy the Spa Soother....

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