Jan 9, 2013

Parrot DF3120 to Raspberry Pi via VNC

The Parrot DF3120 is a small, cheap digital picture frame that at one point could be had for around $25 USD. About the time Hack-A-Day featured it for it's ability to run a small Linux, I picked up a couple of them. Nowadays (January 2013), they're hard to get.
The two Parrot's lay in inventory, waiting for a project. Now, I'm exploring a use for them. They might have some uses with raspberry pi as an auxiliary display.
I mostly used Nathan Chantrell's instructions for setting up the DF3120 for Linux and getting started with VNC.However, I couldn't get the VNC server started on the raspberry pi with Nathan's command, kept getting an error message:
vncserver: geometry 320×240 is invalid
Over on the cjb.im blog, there was a slight addition to the command, which worked for me:
vncserver -geometry 320x240 -depth 8 :1
The picture above is the result of the first connect to VNC on the Parrot.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get htop to work as Nathan indicated, kept getting invalid display error for xterm.
Below is a picture of console access (Serial?) from one of the original sources of information for hacking this device: