Jun 20, 2012

Sugru fixes a Sansa Clip clip

The clip broke on my Sansa Clip. Sugru to the rescue. I actually put more Sugru on than necessary, and I didn't align the jaws - they overlap when they should just touch. That makes the clip harder to spread.
It still works, but I probably will break the plastic body of the clip over time.

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Jun 11, 2012

First full prototype, Christmas Lumineria

Here's a photo of my first attempt to Laser-cut a full lumineria lantern from a single sheet of material. The idea is to have a tab-and-slot construction to hold the thing together, and then be able to take it apart and lay it flat for storage.
In the photo below, the sample on the left is cardstock, the one on the right is a heavier material from Staples called illustration board. The cardstock is easier to work with, but the illustration board is sturdier.

I used the color mapping parameters of CorelDraw to set up a perforation vector cut on the fold lines of the lumineria. I used Speed=60, Power=10, and Frequency=10 on an Epilog 60W laser. That worked perfectly on the cardstock, but didn't cut through on the heavier illustration board.

I'll have to experiment with the power settings on the illustration board to see if I can get perforation cuts, and also see if I can reduce the charring/smokiness left by the full-power cuts.