Dec 6, 2012

Fixing stuttering/high CPU mpd on Pogoplug

Recently got a special on pink pogoplugs, two at $12.95 each. My friend John also bought, and he clued me to the fact that these were labelled B01 on the outside, but were really E02 models as shown on the device itself.
I quickly had Debian Squeeze on the box using Jeff Doozan's script, then upgraded to Wheezy. Since I like to set up boxes as music players, I added mpd and mpc to the install.
I was listening to music in no time. However, there was a problem. My favorite classical music streaming station is KVOD from Denver, Of the five classical streams I had in my playlist, they were the only one to stutter every few seconds - the other stations played fine.
After hours of trying different things to fix the problem, I finally hit on a combination of factors that somebody had an answer to. I noticed that ONLY the problem stream showed high CPU in top, and also
had the stutter.
If you look in, you'll see references to samplerate. One suggestion was to change to:
samplerate_converter "internal"
I tried that and it immediately fixed the problem, at the cost of reduced sound quality.
There are other suggestions on the Tuning page, so check there for more detail.

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