Jul 28, 2014

Useful SMS Commands for Adafruit's Fona

Was playing around with Adafruit's new Fona, a cellphone board for DIY. I wanted to register my T-Mobile SIM card on the T-Mo site so I could check the balance on my pre-paid account.

The T-Mobile sign-up process sends a password SMS to the phone number of the card you're using for the Fona, to be entered on the registration web page. Hmn. I had already sent SMS messages using the nice Adafruit Fona tutorial. But how do I receive an SMS?

Here, LMGTFY: a nice guide found here.

 check if text mode is supported (probably don't need to do this)  
 list SMS modes available for your SIM card  
 +CPMS: ("SM","ME","SM_P","ME_P","MT"),("SM","ME","SM_P","ME_P","MT"),("SM","ME","SM_P","ME_P","MT")  
 at+cpms="sm" <enter>  
 to list #messages received, total msg storage available  
 +CPMS: 2,30,2,30,2,30  
 at+cmgl="all" <enter>  
 to list all message texts received  
 +CMGL: 1,"REC READ","1511","","14/07/27,13:41:39-28"  
 Welcome to T-Mobile! Dial #BAL# to check your balances. Your T-Mobile number is 1925xxxxxxx  
 to read a specific message  
 +CMGR: "REC READ","456","","14/07/28,07:42:58-28"  
 For your security, never share your password. T-Mobile will never contact you to ask for your password. Your My.T-Mobile.com temporary password is xxxxxx  
 to delete a specific SMS message  

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