May 12, 2011

Silverstone SG05 Sandy Bridge Build

My wife needed a faster computer but was space constrained where she could locate the box. The solution was to get a Silverstone SG05 mini-itx case , which included a 120mm front fan and a 300W small form factor PSU.

The motherboard I used was an Asus P8H61-I Rev 3 ( with an Intel i3-2120 Sandy Bridge processor.


Disassembling the combined optical drive and hard drive bay.


The space available for the motherboard.


Tight space in screwing down the mobo.


Motherboard with stock Intel HSF (plenty of clearance in my particular build) and memory installed.


Cable routing nightmare. I only installed a hard drive, no optical drive, and it was still a chore to arrange the cables from the PSU.
The build was actually straightforward, perhaps one of the easiest I've done lately. The box, with Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS installed, runs fast and quiet.

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