Dec 11, 2010

Create Arduino Bitmaps for Nokia 5110 3310 LCDs

Use xpaint to create a bitmap in the appropriate resolution for the LCD you are using. On the 5110, this is 84Wx48H.

Use Processing glcdbitmap.pde (included in the KS0108 library for arduino) to read the bitmap.
    • You'll need to insert the name of the bitmap into the sketch
    • The bitmap must be in the Processing folder
    • Run the sketch
    • The converted bitmap will be stored in the sketch folder (glcdbitmap_test in this example) as bitmapname.h

Place the bitmap information into your target sketch “.h” file. Use memcpy_P to copy the entry to the desired place in the screen layout.
To create a splash screen:
Find a grayscale (or monochrome) image of approximate size, can be slightly larger than your screen resolution depending on the image. I got a *.jpg file for the Noisey Cricket splash screen.
  • if larger, use a resizing tool to get the image to the appropriate size (say 84x48)in Ubuntu, you can do this by right-clicking the picture and choosing Resize Images

set the resize image to your screen resolution


Open the image in GIMP
  • Click Image from the Menu, choose Mode\Indexed
  • Click radio button for “Use black and white (1 bit) palette”
  • Click Convert

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