May 27, 2012

Adding Arduino Libraries in Mac OS X Lion - Arduino 1.0.1

I already had arduino-0022 on my MacBook Air and wanted to keep a separate application of Arduino 1. I have at least 3 years' worth of *.pde sketches that I don't want to convert right now.
I easily downloaded Release 1.0.1 of Arduino for Mac OS X, but didn't know how to add a Library. Here's what worked for me:
  • Download and copy the Library you wish to install
  • Open the Application folder, then Command-Click on the new Arduino 1.0.1 Application. This will open a New Finder Window
  • Select your Arduino 1.0.1 Application
  • Click on the icon that says "Perform Tasks for Selected Item" when you hover over it
  • Select Show Package Contents
  • Double Click Contents; Double Click Resources; Double Click Java; Double Click Libraries
You can paste your new Library into this open folder, then restart Arduino 1.0.1 to see the new Library.
You can also do this from the Terminal.Starting at your Downloads folder (or wherever you have the new Library):
cp -R NewLibraryName /Applications/'Arduino'/Contents/Resources/Java/libraries/NewLibraryName
The -R is to recurse the new folder for all its contents.

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