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Migrating Existing Sonarr-SABnbzd to a New Install of DietPi

Description:  Move an existing Sonarr-SABnzbd stack, using indexer NZBGeek to the latest version of DietPi on another Raspberry Pi. For a clean upgrade, it’s recommended by DietPi to do an install of the latest version, including required packages. Source Components:     Raspberry Pi 3B     DietPi (mine was based on Debian Stretch)     Sonarr     SABnzbd     Samba     Plex Media Server     SSH Server     USB External hard drive mounted on /media in DietPi        dietpi-userdata (on the old systerm) was previously migrated to USB drive with dietpi-drive_manager     Static IP Address     Mono runtime Target Components:     Raspberry Pi 4B, 2GB     DietPi based on Debian Bullseye (or latest release)     Latest Sonarr, SABnzbd. Plex Media Server, Samba, etc. Backup old Diet Pi Stop services with: sudo systemctl stop sonarr sudo systemctl stop sabnzbd sudo systemctl stop plexmediaserver Copy to another location, different from the USB hard drive:    /etc/fstab         You will want the same

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