Jun 17, 2014

Back in Black - a DIY raspberry pi Boombox: Bill of Materials

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Bill of Materials

The BinB Boombox reuses many of the components from the Day & Night Sampler build:

  • raspberry pi; I got mine from mcmelectronics.com, $35 plus shipping
  • Patriot WiFi USB dongle, model PCWUSB1150, on sale at Fry's, $7.99; 
  • adafruit perma-prototype board, part ID 723 $5.95
  • adafruit Vacuum Fluorescent  Display 20 Char x 2 Lines, part ID 347 , $29.95 (Since Discontinued!)
  • adafruit panel mount 2.1 mm DC barrel jack, part ID 610  $2.95
  • Syba (C-Media) USB sound adapter, available at amazon.com $7.99
  • 3.5mm headphone extension, male-to-male, under $5 on ebay
  • USB Short Extension cable, Type A Male to Female, about $3-5 from ebay; use with the C-Media USB sound adapter
  • adafruit 8 Bit (TTL) Logic Level Converter for interfacing the VFD to the pi, product ID 735, $1.50
  • adafruit mini remote control, product ID 389 , $5; Or, any surplus remote control you have
  • IR Sensor, TSOP38238, available at adafruit, product ID 157 , $1.95; also Mouser and others
  • SDHC Card, available at adafruit and others, adafruit part ID 102, $7.95
  • Lighted push button switch, about $4.00
  • Misc jumpers and wire
New or changed for this build are:
  • Enclosure/Frame - I used an 18in x 24in sheet of 1/4in black cast acrylic, $45 at Tap Plastics
  • 12V Power Adapter - 3 A or above with 2.1MM DC Plug output (mine was from inventory)
  • Optional - battery; recommend a 12V SLA (Sealed Lead Acid), but will add significant weight
  • Adafruit UBEC - Universal Battery Elimination Circuit to step 12V down to 5V, $9.95
  • Sure Electronics 0832/3208 LED Matrix - under $20 on ebay
  • Adafruit 20W Class D amp, $19.95
  • Adafruit 20W 4 Ohm Speaker (two needed), $14.95
  • Adafruit Neopixel 12 Ring (two needed) for the "VU Meters", $7.50 each
  • Sparkfun Spectrum Shield, $24.95
  • Arduino Stackable Headers from Sparkfun for the Spectrum Shield, $1.50
  • Additional 3.5mm male to male headphone extension (Spectrum Shield to amp)
  • Arduino Uno (substitute can be Leonardo/Clone), $24.95
  • Sugru, Hot Glue, E6000, double-sided tape to fasten things
  • Cable ties. Lots of them. Corral those loose wires.
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